White Collar Crime Representation in Florida

Casey and Torres represent doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, businessmen, health providers and clinics, and other professionals facing charges for state and federal white-collar crimes such as:

•  Health care fraud, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud, and fraud committed by infusion therapy clinics, home health care providers, and durable medical equipment retailers.
•  Securities fraud, including stock fraud, insider trading and Ponzi schemes
Mortgage fraud/real estate fraud
•  Tax fraud, such as failing to file a federal tax return, tax evasion, and failing to report offshore bank accounts and assets
•  Business fraud, theft, embezzlement, accounting fraud and business opportunity fraud, such as telemarketing fraud
•  Computer/Internet fraud, including identity theft
•  Wire and mail fraud, conspiracy
•  Money laundering

White collar fraud cases are extremely complex and authorities often spend a year or more investigating these cases prior to filing charges. Individuals who ultimately face federal or state white collar crime charges often don’t know they are being investigated.
There is value in hiring an experienced white collar crime lawyer as soon as you suspect you are the subject of a criminal investigation. When Casey and Torres handle federal criminal cases, we may begin work before charges are filed. The goal, if possible, is to get charges reduced or dropped entirely.

If you have been requested to appear before a grand jury in relation to an investigation into a white collar crime, Casey and Torres will assist you in preparing for the proceeding as well.

Contact Federal and State White Collar Crime Attorneys Casey and Torres

If you are in need of an attorney to defend you against an accusation of white collar crime, experience makes the difference. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for fraud or any federal or state white collar criminal charge, contact Casey and Torres.