Tallahassee Professional Licensure Attorney

When a professional licensing disclosure or criminal background check reveals a prior arrest or conviction, or matters involving moral turpitude, it can result in a denial of your right to practice your profession, potentially necessitating the assistance of experienced attorneys such as Casey and Torres to protect your rights and negotiate a resolution before the various boards of review, or to represent you in an informal or formal hearing.

A minor infraction, expulsion, or suspension from school, or an arrest or a conviction in your youth can return decades later to haunt you. Failure to gain a professional license eviscerates the long training and considerable sums of money you have spent in pursuit of your career. If you are facing a denial, revocation, or suspension of your professional license, Tallahassee lawyers Casey and Torres, will thoroughly review your situation and advise you of the best course of action based on years of experience in these matters.  Matt prosecuted professional licensees at both the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and at the Department of Health (DOH).  Chris prosecuted professional licensees at DOH, and also worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the Medicaid Fraud Unit.

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