administrative law

When facing disciplinary action by a government agency, you need more than a Tallahassee criminal defense attorney, you need administrative law attorneys who understand the stakes and can work with the government to obtain a positive resolution. We have the skill to fight all the way through an administrative hearing and knowledge to negotiate on your behalf.  We take our role seriously, because it is your livelihood, your name, and your means to support yourself and your family.

Chris and Matt often collaborate to address the procedural and substantive issues of your case, each bringing different strengths to bear against the power of the State. Based on their collective experience, they are uniquely suited to handle your administrative issues that may carry quasi criminal punishment. They will assess regulatory concerns and weigh legal risks. In the end, experience and analytical thinking lead to smart decisions that can protect your livelihood.


•  Administrative hearings
•  Licensing, permitting, variances and other approvals
•  Professional discipline hearings
Rulemaking hearings, including petitions, challenges & waivers